Backup and Disaster Recovery

Data has become such a critical component of every business. Any loss of data to your business can
become catastrophic. Businesses need to be more resilient nowadays to ensure that their data is secure.
With Common Sense Computings backup and disaster recovery services, we’ll ensure that your data is
always protected and that your business can recover from downtime, no matter how bad your systems
have been compromised.

Protect your data for better resiliency

Is your data being backed up? Could you recover from
a total system failure. When systems go down, it is a costly endeavor. A detailed backup and recovery plan will enable you to recover quickly from disaster and minimize downtime. With Common Sense Computings backup and disaster recovery service, we will ensure that your data is backed up and secure by:

  • Running nightly backups and ensuring that backups
    run successfully on a daily basis
  • Enable backup encryption to prevent unauthorized
    access to your data
  • Fast data recovery to minimize downtime
  • Providing local and offsite data storage in the cloud to prevent loss of data

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The Benefits of

Backup and Disaster Recovery

From Common Sense Computing

Our backup services include anything from:

Data backup that minimizes

costly downtime

Businesses are more reliant on technology today than ever before. Keeping your systems online and functioning is imperative to a successful operation. Systems going down is extremely costly to your organization. According to a report from Gartner, the cost of downtime to a small business cost $8,000 per hour. Common Sense Computings disaster recovery service can ensure that if the worst was to occur, we would get your systems back up and running quickly, saving your business valuable money.