Working together to serve our communities

Non-Profits can benefit from managed IT services

Non-profit organizations use technology to connect donors, sponsors, and volunteers, as well as to raise community awareness.

Non-profits require technology for essential back-office functions such as financial reporting, planning for sustainability, and measuring performance. Non-profits have many of the same IT needs as their “for profit” cousins, driven by community expectations.

However, how can you afford the appropriate infrastructure when cash flow is tight and you are dedicated to your mission?

We at Common Sense Computing care about our local community as our non-profit neighbors. Let us help you.  Let Common Sense Computing provide you with the same level of expertise and professionalism with regards to your IT infrastructure as you  do with regards to your clients.


Non-Profit IT solutions customized for your needs

The heart and soul of many communities are non-profit organizations. In our increasingly connected world, you deserve to have access
to the same people and information as everyone else.

We are aware of the challenges non-profit organizations face, including:

  • Cost-effectiveness and mission achievement are at odds
  • Maintaining top-of-mind awareness and accessibility to donors, volunteers, and influencers
  • Producing high-quality experiences for donors and your community is a challenge
  • Managing a diverse team of staff and volunteers during high-stress situations

With our support services, we ensure your systems run smoothly, providing third-party application support and liaising with vendors if
any issues arise.

Count on us to take the time to understand your company’s specific needs, preparing a tailored solution that enhances your productivity
and gets the job done faster.