Finance and Insurance

Retain the trust of your clients and protect against cyber risks

Finance and Insurance companies can benefit from managed IT services

As a fiduciary, you can’t compromise on technology when you have a fiduciary duty to your clients. To ensure you meet your responsibility to protect confidential and protected personal information, you need an experienced cyber security professional. 

With Common Sense Computing, we use proven processes to manage everything from your network to your systems, data, and applications. The proactive management systems and processes we employ build trust in our client’s IT, which in turn keeps their clients’ trust. We serve as your information security officer, and ensure your company has current privacy and security assessments, an encrypted email server, and secure file sharing. We know how important it is to you to have systems that save you time and money and keep your clients’ data safe and secure.

If managed correctly, a well-managed IT infrastructure becomes invisible. While we take care of the technical details, you can focus on client acquisition and the important work you do for your clients.

Finance and Insurance IT solutions customized for your needs

You need to find a company you can trust when it comes to IT support. Our support team understands that you operate in a fast-paced industry and need support whenever and wherever problems arise.

We understand the unique demands of the finance industry and the challenges you face, including:

  • Regulations related to cyber security
  • The threat of cyber attacks
  • Keeping electronic records secure and accessible at the same time
  • Signing into your network securely with two-factor authentication


With our support services, we ensure your systems run smoothly, providing third-party application support and liaising with vendors if any issues arise.

Count on us to take the time to understand your company’s specific needs, preparing a tailored solution that enhances your productivity
and gets the job done faster.